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Lesswrong Sequences

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Major Sequences

Mysterious Answers to Mysterious Questions

How to see through the many disguises of answers or beliefs or statements, that don't answer or say or mean anything. The first (and probably most important) core sequence on Less Wrong.

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The second core sequence of Less Wrong. How to take reality apart into pieces... and live in that universe, where we have always lived, without feeling disappointed about the fact that complicated things are made of simpler things.

Includes the 'Zombies' and 'Joy in the Merely Real' subsequences

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Quantum Physics

A non-mysterious introduction to quantum mechanics, intended to be accessible to anyone who can grok algebra and complex numbers. Cleaning up the old confusion about QM is used to introduce basic issues in rationality (such as the technical version of Occam's Razor), epistemology, reductionism, naturalism, and philosophy of science. Not dispensable reading, even though the exact reasons for the digression are hard to explain in advance of reading.

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Fun Theory

A concrete theory of transhuman values. How much fun is there in the universe; will we ever run out of fun; are we having fun yet; could we be having more fun. Part of the complexity of value thesis. Also forms part of the fully general answer to religious theodicy.

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Minor Sequences

Smaller collections of posts. Usually parts of major sequences which depend on some-but-not-all of the points introduced.

Map and Territory

A collection of introductory posts dealing with the fundamentals of rationality: the difference between the map and the territory, Bayes's Theorem and the nature of evidence, why anyone should care about truth, minds as reflective cognitive engines...

Note: The Bayes's Theorem article was intentionally left out of this sequence, it deserves its own

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